My artwork is a stylised representation of the natural world. I use simple motifs that are derived from organic and geometric forms and developed into rhythmic patterns,  contoured over blended colour gradients that represent the land, waves, clouds and flora and fauna. My paintings generally reference my local Bay of Plenty environment.


Experiences in nature inspire me to paint. Seeing the sunrise with birds moving through hues of beauty as I enjoy a morning coffee; seeing mist roll through the hills and embrace the bush on a dreary winters day; watching sea birds feed in the fading light as the water washes in around the rocks. My work has a passive environmental message. No man-made content or human subjects are present in these beautiful untouched landscapes. I want to show people this beauty of the natural world, and to connect with others who are as in awe of nature as I am. I like to give a new perspective on a world that the viewer is already familiar with.


The development of my practice spurs me to continue producing new work, pushing new ideas, exploring new content and techniques and refining my style. I find every step exciting and am constantly looking for that new pattern, technique or landscape to incorporate into my work. Text is an increasing feature of my work, especially the poetry of my great uncle Jack Harrison (Te Ati Awa), whose words reflect the natural environment he spent his days surrounded by. I have been working on illustrating a dawn poem of his and incorporate his words into the paintings in a subtle way.


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